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Business Performance Recovery Service

Most if not all of our clients have come to us with a major event or a series of minor events that has impacted their business in a significant way. Whether it is sales underachievement, staff efficiency, hiring, ineffective I.T. systems launch, expense management, industry competition, a major environmental event, or industry changes all of these cause businesses stress. With our background in accounting and finance coupled with hands on experience working with businesses on the ground level we use our unique experience to help you get to the next level.

What we do

We meet with you and learn about your company and what you are dealing with specifically. From there we can determine if our experience and expertise can help you start developing solutions to alleviate stressful situations in your company and more easily realize opportunities that exist if obstacles are overcome.

Types of Obstacles and Opportunities Businesses We Work With

  • Adverse industry changes
  • Staff Efficiency Problems
  • Finding the Right Staff
  • Getting Staff in the Right Roles
  • Sudden Decrease in Sales
  • Pricing uncertainty
  • Discount Reliant to Make Sales
  • Drastic Reduction in Profitability
  • Sales Opportunities but not resources to realize
  • Major change in the business (Staff, I.T., Marketing)
  • You know what the problem is but still cannot fix it
  • Overwhelm

To schedule an initial free consultation to learn more email: [email protected]

Other Services-

Business Impact Series Workshops

Business Impact Series Workshops are designed to give people in charge of helping grow a business a chance to retain us to come in and put on a workshop for you and/or your staff.

To inquire please email: [email protected]

  • Workshops tailored for attendee needs
  • Ideal for Entrepreneurs, CFO’s, Controllers, Sales Managers, Executives, and Production Managers
  • Topics tailored around attendee driven business matters
  • Workshops can run from 1 day to one week and is based on need and budget
  • All workshops must be booked 30 calendar days prior to the planned start date


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