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Scaling and Developing Company Brands

Our company works with businesses to scale their brands using financial expertise to maximize your cash flow and profitability. Power Forwards provides Chief Financial Officer resources to private companies in order to help you scale your brand.

Process To Use our Service:

Before we begin working with any brand we need to ensure that a proper fit between our services and your company exist. Power Forwards is unique in that we typically will only accept companies that have been referred to us by either an existing company we are working with or a company we have worked with in the past or a trusted professional partner such as a bank, private equity or venture capital firm, law firm, accredited accounting firm, or trusted financial planning partners.

At times we will accept non-referred clientele however we do require an assessment period to determine if your ownership group, industry, and objectives for the business would be a fit to use our services.

The below process is typical for beginning our work together:

1.Simply emailĀ [email protected] to book your initial discovery meeting. The initial discovery meeting where we will assess some of the current state issues of your business will provide an overview discussion of key matters in your business.

2. After the discovery meeting we determine exactly if our services can help you further with tackling your brand’s opportunities and develop a tailored project for you.

3. We develop a cost for our project working with the company based on the work and specialities required for the project.

4. Upon acceptance of using our service we gather any necessary additional information to help develop strategies to help you continue to grow your business.

5. We provide you information and implement strategies that are required to move your business to the next level.

Other Services-

Business Impact Series Workshops

Business Impact Series Workshops are designed to give people in charge of helping grow a business a chance to retain us to come in and put on a workshop for you and/or your staff.

To inquire please email: [email protected]

  • Workshops tailored for attendee needs
  • Ideal for Entrepreneurs, CFO’s, Controllers, Sales Managers, Executives, and Production Managers
  • Topics tailored around attendee driven business matters
  • Workshops can run from 1 day to one week and is based on need and budget
  • All workshops must be booked 30 calendar days prior to the planned start date


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