About Billy Katelnikoff

Billy Katelnikoff, B. Mgt., CPA, CA

Being the creator of Power Forwards in 2011 Billy directly injects the passion for serving private businesses to help them acheive their goals. Billy is a Chartered Accountant and focuses on integrating strategy to financial performance. He sees that the way to help small business owners pursue the vision for their company is through servicing in an in-depth manner that will provide value and meaning to the service. Billy was also the recipient of the Early Achievement Award in 2015 presented by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta which is given for demonstrating excellence in professional, civic, charitable, community or other service, and/or excellence, innovation, or remarkable accomplishment in the field of accounting in general.

Billy has provided part-time CFO services in multiple industries including health care, fashion, agriculture, oil and gas, legal, financial services industry, and the fitness industry. With a focus in the areas of financial analysis, financial statement budgeting, staff compensation budgeting, developing key performance indicators, strategic planning, and business opportunity assessment.





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